The Year of Fail!

Oh noes! Two missed updates with the strong possibility of a third? Wha’ happen? Well the long and short of it is a version of writers’ block. I know where the comic needs to go next, I just haven’t figured out how to write it.

Certainly there have been some other personal things which have delayed this as well – a business contract which took priority for my spare time and family in town to name just a couple – but ultimately the biggest problem is finding out how to write what I need to write next and have it work without feeling horrible. To that end you can likely expect another delay tomorrow (SAD) but I’ll do everything I can to get this back on track for next Monday.

So here’s hoping and my sincere apologies for the HUGE delay!


Nope, sorry

It’s not something I’m getting into on ye olde world wide web but needless to say it’s not happening this week either. Woe unto us all! Next week is looking up though! Here’s hoping!


Comic skip!

Saturday was another campaign night which, coupled with other activities throughout last week, ate up a lot of my spare-comic-creating-time. Hopefully back on track for next Monday though I may have to call a miss there as well. We’ll just hope that isn’t the case! TTFN.


100 Comics Posted

WOW! A major milestone! HUZZAH!

I imagine some of you are mildly disappointed as the 100th comic isn’t anything special. It’s not a longer comic, there aren’t more jokes, there aren’t any huge plot reveals (what with the heavy plot present)… it’s really just another comic. Well unfortunately you will likely be disappointed for every other major milestone comic that I post. With the varying lengths between each page plus the limited time I have available each week to invest in this I figure doing a special update would be at best a huge time delay and at worst a greater waste of space then usual.

Overall though I’m very happy I hit this milestone. I had no idea how long it would take to get here and now that I’m here I’m just looking forward to hitting the next one. I still have a major backlog in story to work through so you can expect many more updates in the future. I’ve also covered way more ground then I could’ve hoped. So here’s to at least another 100 comics and, with any luck, another 1000!

P.S. Not today but, let’s say by the end of the next session (in universe) is done I’ll include a small bonus here for any who might be interested. Keep an eye out for it! TTFN.


Christmas Break!

Yep, you guessed it! I’m taking a break for Christmas, so no updates will be coming on either December 25 or January 1. That said I’m hoping to resume things again in the New Year for January 8th. If you are a loyal follower and somehow gravely offended by this my sincerest apologies. Until then though you’ll just have to simmer and live without. The horror!



Looking Forward, Looking Back

I was doing some math in my head the other day and was thinking to myself “y’know, based on your scheduled comic posts, sometime in the beginning of September you’ll have been doing this for an entire year.” That was going to be pretty amazing, I thought, so when today rolled around I decided to go back and check to see if I could do a date perfect match and create this post in the near future. Well it turns out my first comic post was back in early August.

Wow. Oops.

Missed that window!

It’s probably for the best I did because, as you may have noticed my on-time posting of comics has been severely lagging these past few weeks. In terms of excuses, they’re pretty easy to come up with. It’s been one personal delay after another… Family visiting; house problems; time crunches; writers block; photographic backlog tacking; and on and on and on. But I’ve also been thinking a lot and I think it can sort of come down to one thing ultimately:

A desire for a slower pace. Over the past year, up until now, I’ve posted 79 comics which is around 1 of every 5 days and, I gotta be honest, it’s a hard pace to maintain. Even with my very simple comic structure and even with my story more-or-less already written for me, finding the time to sit down plan, produce and post the comic once every five days is extremely exhausting. After all, this is a side project I have to fit into my working and family life both of which drain enough hours on their own. Throw this into the mix and some weeks it can really feel like I have no downtime which can be mentally draining.

Whine, whine, whine, I know. So what does my personal exhaustion mean for this comic? Is it done? Will it fall into the dustbin of the internet to languish for 10(00) years until WordPress is bought out and wiped of all data? Of course not!

I do intend to continue the comic going forward but I also intend to go on a hiatus of about a month. That’s right, I’m taking an official unpaid vacation from my unpaid comic! So mark off your calendars as October 2 will be the day I intend to come back. I’ll be using this time off to more or less recharge my batteries (i.e. goof off), get some comics scripted and created so I have a bit of a buffer meaning, when the unexpected delays do happen, I don’t find myself staying up until Midnight the day of creating a new comic for all to enjoy… at least not immediately.

The other rather monumental change is I will be reducing my post schedule to once a week. This first year has been rewarding to see my webcomic come to life but, as alluded to above, it’s not a pace I can maintain. 1 comic every 7 days may not seem like a lot but, when your in my situation, it is more then enough. If circumstances in the future change maybe I can revisit my posting frequency but for now anyway I don’t see it as option.

With all that out of the way, I guess we’ll all see just how well I do on this plan of mine. In the meantime, thank you for your patience, and I’ll see you soon!



Not Posting Today/Posting Late

Sad news folks, I’m officially missing my first update by a substantial amount. I know, I know. Bad on me. In fact this entire month might be bad for me as I’ve got family down which will be eating a lot of my spare time. Still, I’ll do what I can to stay on schedule for other posts. In the meantime, this one is going to have to wait until Wednesday or Thursday. You’ll know when it’s up.

Until then, have a happy August 1st!


Archives Added

Site update! Rudimentary coding has yielded a new link at the top: Archives. I felt this particular link became necessary as the links between comics leaves a lot to be desired. It’s more or less the downside of using a free service but on the upside the hosting is free!

So if you ever feel you want to review what’s happened but don’t want to start way back at the beginning you now have that option! Mind you I haven’t coded it to every single comic but just broken it up by D&D Sessions, so you still might have to do some link diving if you’re looking for a specific memory. Tough, I know, but them’s the breaks. TTFN.