It will happen eventually, maybe

Hey peoples! So, looking at my current schedule, there is the distinct possibility I might miss my update post for Monday. I’m trying to rework things to make this not happen but as I can’t predict the future, I’m not making any promises.

Related to this, you might be asking why the About page is facing schedule slippage of it’s own. Well, let’s be honest, the content there is largely secondary to the webcomic at large. Plus, as this isn’t even a business but a side distraction for me, I am truly still only beholden to myself to get that (or anything on here) updated. I promise you  I haven’t forgotten about that section and it is on my list of things to do. But, y’know, not as high up there as say… the comic.

Just thought I’d give you that update. If I do actually miss Monday, I’ll post again and let you know. So pray I don’t post an update again for a while!

It’s ABOUT time!

I updated the “About” page today, and you can expect more updates on that page to come in the near future as well. I’ve set general guidelines for myself on it but who knows what the future holds!

So what about that other issue I mentioned earlier? Well, I did some delving into the wordpress site and the theme I’ve been using for this blog and, for now, I think the short story is we’re all SOL on the occasional text size issue. Which sucks I know.

It has to do with the theme and, basically, no matter what pixel size I set the comic to it will automatically conform to what the theme says it can be (at it’s largest). “Do I have any other options for themes” you might be asking? Well… Free ones? No. Paid ones? Yes, but as of writing this (and likely for the very foreseeable future), I don’t have the funds to be spending on this side project of mine. So, to reiterate, yeah it sucks.

In the meantime, I’m keeping an eye on text size I use for the comic to make sure that is always readable and this should be able to keep the worst of pixel limitations to a minimum. If I come across another solution I’ll let you know. In the meantime, keep enjoying the comic for what it is!

That’s sooooo TINY

Hey, so one thing I’m sure you’ve noticed is I run into the occasional issue with the size of the written text on the comic. It kinda sucks I know. Well, rest easy as I am working on a solution for that. You might not see it for a few comics… but I am working on addressing that. Sorry for any squinting you have to do in the meantime!